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Medical - Portable Power - MediPower 175

MediPower175MediPower™ is a fully integrated
UL/IEC60601-1 Mobile Medical Power System.

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The new MediPower™ medical power system provides 175VA of output with a peak power of 250VA. The efficient design provides the necessary power to support medical equipment, while providing the proper overload capability required by devices such as printers.

The MediPower™ series provides a true sign wave AC output of 120V, with a universal AC input at 90Vac to 264Vac, enabling world wide support with a single unit. It can seamlessly change from an AC outlet to battery operation without the need for a transfer switch. This proven topology allows uninterrupted AC power at the output, irrespective of any power disturbance at the input.

MediPower™ delivers a 30% lighter solution designed to sustain the rough hospital environment. The integrated system design provides all the necessary features to add extended battery life to mobile medical devices. Its flexible design makes it configurable to customer specific technologies without added expenses.

TDI's medical power solutions have been used on medical carts for over a decade. MediPower™ incorporates reliable and safe methodologies with new product design innovation.

  • Fully Integrated Power System, Battery, LCD UI
  • Universal Input: 90VAC – 264VAC
  • Rapid recharge
  • Simultaneously Charges Battery & Supports Load
  • No Transfer Switch eliminates mechanical POF
  • Continuous On-line Operation
  • Light Weight Integrated Power Unit < 4.5 lbs
  • Standard API Available for SW Integration
  • Supports Smart Battery: SMB & ModBus
  • Easily integrates to medical carts and rolling stands
  • Custom Solutions Available
Parameter MediPower™
AC Mains Connection 100VAC - 240VAC
AC Frequency 47-63 Hz
Max AC Input Current 4A
Power Factor \ Harmonic Correction Compliant to IEC61000-3-2
Inrush Current (Typ) 40Apk
AC Connection Type Panel mount IEC 60320, C14
Input Protection
Surge Protection Compliant to IEC 61000-4-5
Input Over-Current Y
AC Output
AC (Pure Sine Wave) 120 VAC
AC Frequency 57-63 Hz
AC Output Current 1.46A
Power (continuous) 175 VA
Power (Peak) 200 VA
Line regulation (from AC or DC) <2%
Load regulation < 3%
AC Connection Type IEC 60320 - C13
AC Connection Cord 10"
Total Harmonic Distortion < 3% THD
AC Output Protection
Max AC Current 1.87A
Power Limit, Short Circuit Y
Battery Source
DC Voltage 24V nominal
DC Current (max) 10A charge/ 20A discharge
Type SLA & Li-Ion
Charge & Supply Load Simultaneously
Typical Charge Time 2-3Hrs
Operating Temperature 0oC to +40oC
Humidity (non-condensing) 0% - 95%
Storage Temperature -10oC to +50oC
Over Temperature Protection Y
Construction Enclosed Rugged Aluminum
Power Supply Dimensions
(D x H x W)
Battery Dimensions
(D x H x W)
Power Supply Weight < 4.5 lb (2.1Kg)
Battery Weight 15lbs (6.8Kgs)
Cooling Temp.& Speed Controlled Fan
Isolation Level 4Kv
Marking UL \ CE
Safety & EMC Standard UL/cUL 60601-1/IEC 60601-1
UL/cUL 60950-1 / IEC 60950-1
RoHS/WEEE Compliant
USB Available
Battery Smart Battery Support
BUS SMBus, Modbus