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Medical - Portable Power - MediPower 175

MediPower175Effortless Charging!
Mobile Medical Carts with NO CORDS!

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Features & Benefits:
  • Improves Hospital Staff Workflow
  • Maximize Medical Cart Uptime
  • Reduces Cost of Ownership
  • Safe & Reliable
  • Easily integrates to medical carts and
    rolling stands
  • Custom Solutions Available

TDI Power's MediParc™ converts mobile medical solutions into cord-free chargeable devices. It eliminates the use of power cords, making the charging of mobile medical equipment almost effortless. The simple act of pushing a cart, or a rolling stand against the wall activates the charging process without the use of a power cord. The wall docking system was designed to comply with UL1363A. It improves the hospital workflow by removing the need to bend over and manually plug a cord into the wall. MediParc™ can be easily integrated into your existing solution and it reduces hospital cost of ownership by increasing battery life and reducing downtime.

This product is the result of extensive market research to understand the use of Medical Carts in healthcare industry. Speaking with nurses and doctors, we learned that not just Medical Carts, but Vital Sign Monitors, Ultrasound Machines, and other medical devices require a more user friendly solution for battery charging.

MediParc™ is a safe and reliable solution, taking advantage of TDI Power's robust design, manufacturing, and test processes built on years of power system design for demanding markets.