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Defender Series
Defender 2500W
Defender 15kW
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AC-DC Power Modules

TDI Power designs and manufactures AC - DC power solutions for a wide range of markets and applications. With rising demands for higher power density, smaller size, more portability TDI Power continuously improves its range of AC-DC power supplies. With products ranging from a few hundred watts within a simple power shelf through to configured solutions at 100kW+ TDI has a broad portfolio of products to draw on.

Environmental and cooling requirements are very significant factors to consider in selecting a power solution. TDI Power capabilities include conventional fan cooled products, liquid cooled modules and totally environmentally sealed solutions that are capable of operating submerged in water.

Popular standard product families include the Front Connect series of low power modules, the Mercury and Signature Series of modules.

Additionally TDI Power designs custom solutions for many different applications



Defender Series
Defender 2500W
Defender 15kW
3 Phase Hot Swap Liquid cooled DC Power Systems
Power Self with Ethernet port
8kW, 48V, 3 Rectifiers, 4 Circuit Breakers
Front Connect rectifiers, 1U, <600W
Mercury, 1U/2U, 800W to 4300W
Constant Current Source, 0-150A, up to 35V, 3 Phase 4 Wire (star)
Commercial Aerospace Products
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Industrial Grade current and voltage sources

Industrial Grade
Current & Voltage Sources

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