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A leading provider of highly reliable network services combined an extensive knowledge of networking and a wide understanding of their customers' business environments with a service-oriented culture. Their success is based on their ability to translate this combination into consistently delivered solutions for their customers' ever- changing needs.

TDI Power designed a comprehensive package for use with their HUB site installations. Our custom approach provides an essential and complimentary shelter for the equipment, enabling their technical and operational staff to focus on their core business.

TDI Power’s solution consists of an outdoor electronics system enclosure for their HUB Sites with air conditioning, DC power equipment, AC distribution, surge protection, and forced ventilation.  We developed two unique cabinets for them, a HUB site and a LINK site, both of which can be pole, pad, or tower mounted.  They are powered by two 1RU Mercury rectifier modules and a newly designed 2RU AC/DC load center for distribution.


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